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Welcome to the most sophisticated app developer community for bronies. Here you can integrate your service with Cloudsdale and make use of our API's to make your pony app better!

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Core Features

oAuth Gateway

Are you an app or web developer and want to get started quickly without having to worry about authentication?

We know what a hassle it is to write and maintain authentication logic. So why not use our gateway?

Make your application connect with our oAuth provider, giving you more time focus on your features.

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Embedable Clouds

Do you run a website, blog or forum where you want your users to communicate realtime?

By following modern web convention, our embedable clouds work on handheld devices as well as your laptop browser.

Drop the old IRC client, join the modern era and use our fun and easy embedable clouds.

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Universal Avatars

Have you found it hard to maintain avatar uploads, storage and distribution? We solve that for you!

Cloudsdale user, cloud and app avatars are accessible in a wide variety of sizes through our APIs.

Using pattern recognition you only need to have the user ID or the users email address and you're good to go.

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Realtime API (coming soon)

Cloudsdale is built on a basic principle, every aspect of our service can be interacted with in realtime.

Using our API's you can access and interact with live discussions and streams of content.

Hook in to Cloudsdale using libraries available for most major platforms including the browser.

Coming soon...

Message API (coming soon)

Want to broadcast messages or share content to Cloudsdale on the behalf of your users.

Using our Messaging API's, you can publish or retrieve messages straight from or to your users Cloudsdale conversations.

Make your app more social and use our lean but powerful messaging API.

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Content API (coming soon)

Do you want to share your public data across other applications or use data created by others?

We help map the brony fandom. We house data types for Fiction, Music, Videos, Images, Games and much more.

Be a hero and join this large scale collaboration, use our, or provide publicly available data.

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